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TGS 14: Final Fantasy XV Trailer
September 19, 2014

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy games you have been waiting rather impatiently for any news on Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV. You might even say you’re clawing and scratching to find any new tidbits you can get your hands on. In rather dramatic showing, Square delivered the goods at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. We finally got an updated trailer to the formerly known as Versus XIII title. The trailer shows off the party feature Noctis and crew driving around in what looks to be an open world area with a big monster. Okay…did I say big? I meant huge. Regardless, it doesn’t look like this monster is going to take the party’s collective shit anytime soon.

After a nice conversation in a car with your buddies, we’re back to the big open world with big enemies. This is the first time we really get a look at the gameplay in the trailer. At the very first look, you’ll notice that the game is not contained in a battle area. This seems like a fully open battle world similar to Xenoblade: Chronicles. One of the interesting aspect is that Noctis has the ability to switch weapons with his teammates create an interesting take on an open world battle system. Gone seem to be the days of where one character is based solely on a single dependent weapon in action RPGs. Noctis also seems to have a power where we can teleport to different areas of a map and even attach his sword to different parts of the game so that he can climb up walls or structures.

Very little story is given away in the trailer however, but what is known is that Noctis’ father King Regis is set to conclude negotiations with Emporer Aldercapt, which I suspect to be a peace treaty of some sorts. We do get plenty of almost hysterical chatter with the party in this trailer including what seems to be a bro’s night out type of night. The coolest part of about the trailer was that you got to ride in a car. What’s very interesting about that is that it seemed to be being controlled by the person playing the game in the trailer. Camera movements were moving around the car similar to games like Grand Theft Auto and Saint’s Row. Many speculation has come abound as to if you can actually summon the car or if you can get out of the car at any time.

As the trailer comes to a close, we see Noctis looking toward the night sky and saying “It’s been a long time coming…” followed by “Almost there…”. This makes the trailer very special to a lot of Final Fantasy fans who have be dying to see more about this game and it shows. As someone who has been impatiently waiting for more tid bits since becoming Final Fantasy XV, it’s really nice to know that Square Enix is acknowledging that we have all been waiting quite some time. While at the same time teasing us at what’s to come.

Currently, Final Fantasy XV has no real release date or even a release window. There will be a demo coming in the early half of 2015 releasing with Final Fantasy: Type-0 which will ease the pain of waiting for many.

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Star Wars Funeral
April 18, 2014

Besides talking about Pulp, I want to write about things I see on the net. Not just what I’m experiencing in life at Pulp, everything I see on the internet; in better detail than I could ever do on Facebook or on Twitter.

One of the things I found on the “net” is the Star Wars funeral. A poor lad out in England had an inoperable brain tumor that claimed his life at a short age. The cool part, because his life expectancy was greatly shortened, he got to experience so much more than what I ever could in my life time and I plan to live for a long time. One of the things he wanted was to have a Star Wars themed funeral. Think about that: His last memory as a human was to have stormtroopers march him to his grave. That’s not only incredible cool, it’s incredibly sad; mainly because he won’t even get to witness this event. But, that’s exactly what happened and his parents were able to give that to him. Rather me go on and on about the story, I’ll let the mom tell you about his heartbreaking story:

His carriage was covered floral tributes, including one reading ‘Jedi’ and wreaths in the shape of a lightsaber, Yoda and R2-D2. Inside the church a brass band played the film’s The Binary Sunset music – known as Luke Skywalker’s theme – and the order of service read: ‘Master Jack Robinson, joined the force 1st April 2014′. Jack always had that cheeky grin on his face. Even when we were in hospital and I was sleeping next to him, he would poke me in the back with a lightsaber, then very quickly hid it and grin at me. In just four-and-a-half years, Jack achieved what many people spend a lifetime doing. He was only a little boy but he brought people together, from all over the world.

How cool is that? And here is some of the pictures from the funeral. This kid is a badass:

I want him...


I want Link to bury me.

So cool and sad at the same time.

Yes it was...

What a trooper. Pun not intended.

Source: http://imgur.com/gallery/XmAIv

The Voice
April 17, 2014

I have been agonizing for months on end trying to figure out what to do with my blog. But, now, it’s time to really rev up the action on here.

I have to confess that I’m not the biggest blogger in the world. But, I like to write and that’s something that will never change. The problem is, is that I never know what to write about. Then I started a special project. The logo you see on the front page is from my current project: Pulp 365.

What is Pulp 365 you ask? We’re the new breed, a place where you can discuss anything you want and share anything you want. A new sense of community that will bring all sorts of people together to discuss all sorts of entertainment.

I’m its community and social manager and I will be the voice of the site…well, myself and my team will be doing that of course. I’ll post more in the future and we’re about to launch. We’re excited.

You can also participate in our beta by going to our website. Sign up for the beta on that page.